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M & A's  patent procurement services include our General and in-house counsel drafting and filing patent applications,  and developing strategies for maximizing the benefit of a patent portfolio. We routinely assist clients in identifying and prioritizing patentable inventions and in establishing company strategy for managing a patent portfolio.The filing of a patent application requires extensive interaction with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Members of the office frequently conduct telephonic and personal interviews with Patent Examiners on behalf of clients as well as submitting written correspondence. We handle the foreign intellectual property matters of our domestic clients through a worldwide network of foreign attorneys and agents. M & A has established close relationships with foreign practitioners and can call upon experts in a particular country to promptly service the office's U.S. clients' needs. M & A also has many clients in foreign countries and provides for them its full range of intellectual property law services throughout the United States. Our international clients come from a diverse set of countries, including the European Union,  Canada, The Peoples Republic of China, The Republic of China (Taiwan), Japan, and others. M & A  has an immediate impact on assisting the development of emerging and established technologies through a well-established licensing protocol. We routinely handle a variety of licensing issues, from procurement to asset sales to technology transfer, in many distinct technology sectors. Our clients range from small, mid-sized entities to large institutions. 


M & A Legal Management through its seasoned General and in-house counsel helps its clients to establish proper confidentiality procedures and to determine the appropriate means of protecting trade secrets. We are experienced in negotiating a wide variety of agreements for the protection of trade secrets, such as non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, consulting agreements, invention development agreements, manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, and licensing agreements.  Trade secret protection sometimes is more desirable than patents or other forms of intellectual property protection that may require public disclosure. Problems commonly faced by clients include the misappropriation and unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets by former employees, vendors, contractors and competing businesses. 


M & A Legal Management has an extensive experience involving trademark rights. In the U.S., trademarks and service marks can include words, designs, logos, and "trade dress" such as product packaging and product shapes. The U.S. has a three-tiered trademark system of common law, state and federal trademark rights. Consequently, a thorough trademark search can be one of the most complicated areas of securing a trademark.